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Available Workshops with Theatre in the Flesh Artists

The talented artists that compose the Theatre in the Flesh company are experienced teachers, performers, collaborators, and directors. They are passionate about their craft and eager to share it with others. Our workshops are tailor-made to your needs and are easily formatted to be project-specific.

* TITF may also be commissioned to create new work specifically for your group.

** Fully realized works previously created by TITF are also available for your company.


Creating Original Works: Solo and Ensemble

In this class students will learn the tools for and practice the craft of creating original works. They will experiment with numerous sources: text, sound, memory, color, music, architecture, images outside the body - photography, paintings, nature - and internal imagery. We will experiment with the elements of stage craft, including lighting, dynamics, use of space and time, and surprise. The works may be linear or non-linear, naturalistic, metaphorical, or biographical. As interpretive artists in the solo or group works members of the class will also have the opportunity to deepen their performance skills.

workshop leader - Elizabeth Mozer

Performance Workshop/ Embodiment

Begins with deep relaxation and a very specific warm up that allows for the dynamic relationship of the inner world of imagery, emotion, and energy with the outer world of the physical self. Students will work on heightening sensory awareness and being in the present moment. They will practice being both the do-er and the do-ee and being porous. By putting their attention on the other and creating personally meaningful relationships to all persons, places, things, and events the student will experience original and surprising behavior - authentically and powerfully their own - fully embodied.

workshop leader - Elizabeth Mozer

The Art/Act of Collaboration (Ensemble Building)

In our company we are forever collaborating in creation. This mode of manifesting and rehearsing original work is different than the usual hierarchical model. This way of working takes conscientious care and commitment to the needs of the group and to the piece. To effectually engage in this type of ensemble work takes practice and requires a particular set of tools and skills. In this workshop we will look at the elements of collaboration, the goals of a group and how they might go about obtaining them. We will use a specific creative task to investigate the needs of a creative ensemble and set about meeting them.

workshop leader – Elizabeth Mozer

Physical Dynamics For Actors and Dancers

In this class students will explore and develop their skills in the physical craft of acting by creating physical awareness, freeing the body of habitual patterns, and accessing the emotions that reside in the body. The students integrate their breath and voice with their movement/physical text. They will increase their range for experiencing, creating, and expressing their inner lives physically, truthfully, and dynamically.

workshop leader - Elizabeth Mozer

Character Transformation

Students will learn and individualize a series of warm-up exercises aiding in character metamorphosis. They will work with internal and external images along with other sources to create physical adjustments that are simple, tension free, specific, truthful, and transformative. All work is synthesized with the breathe, voice, and text. Students will be able craft character from the “inside-out” and from the “outside- in”.

workshop leader - Elizabeth Mozer

Opening the Channels for Creation

Through Yoga you will prepare the body, mind, and soul to open up and allow yourself to more fully participate in the wonders of creating in the moment. The workshop could be beneficial for a company on tour, as a preparation for the rehearsal process, or developing new material. Whatever the situation, landing in a new an unfamiliar environment or in the midst of a run, the class would give participants an opportunity to open up their channels of creation, getting to a deeper level of connectedness to their inner selves. On a private level dealing with their issues of fear in relation to the task at hand and finding the gentleness to accept their circumstances and own unique situation. The yoga postures will be suitable to group and not exceedingly strenuous - It is ultimately a journey of compassion.

workshop leader - Lina Cloffe, RYT

The Art of Listening through Movement Improvisation

“The fist duty of love is to listen.” Philosopher Paul Tillich. Listening is an essential skill for creative development, interplay, and communication. But, what is listening? Do you have some ideas or techniques as to how to listen? Does what you know help or hinder with your listening? Can you hear your or others’ inner impulses and rhythm? What is listening with your entire being? Is it possible? In this workshop we shall explore these questions, acting as our own teachers and students. Working with our bodies, music, and silence we shall observe how we listen. We shall come face to face with our ways of listening and not listening. With the use of these new insights and all of our senses we shall develop, deepen, and strengthen our listening ability.

workshop leader - Jovinna Chan

Partner Yoga

In this workshop you will learn and practice easy and fun yoga postures. In working with a partner you will cultivate trust, connection, and to truly communicate with another human being through touch. Hands are the heart’s landscape. The class is beneficial and applicable whether you are a performer, an adept yoga practitioner or never tried yoga in your life.

workshop leader - Lina Cloffe, RYT

Finding a Painting’s Inner Movement / embodiment through colors and visual forms

In this workshop we will explore the possibility of seeing and hearing painting as a source that moves one’s imagination, soul, and body. We will learn to decompose the secret painting language of the great Eastern/Western and Classical/Modern painters to uncover the “how” that makes us want to move our body when we see their paintings. We will develop our visual senses to see and to possibly hear movements and sounds that resonate from the stillness and wholeness of forms and colors. Students will learn by exploring the great masters of the past from Chinese, Italian Renaissance, Impressionists and Abstract Expressionists and be guided to discover the universal intention, techniques, and forms of their arts and crafts. Utilizing this new source of creative input students will have the opportunity to embody the art works, and to create, specify, and personalize their own movement and acting works.

workshop leader – Dzu Do

Other TITF workshops which are available:

Modern Jazz Dance, Musical Theatre Dance, DanceTheatre, Ensemble Singing, Acting for Singers /Dancers, On-Camera Commercials, and The Biz