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BLOOD & HONEY is crystalline. Elizabeth Mozer's work is very moving and speaks to our time. It is original and elegant physical theatre and the company performs it passionately. The images linger and compel us to think about what matters most.

Joan Evans - Theatre Director and four-time recipient of National Endowment for the Arts Awards

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed BLOOD & HONEY. It was truly one of the best theatrical pieces I have seen. It was amazing how you were able to convey such an array of emotions without the use of dialogue. Simple gestures that are so common in our everyday life took on a deeper meaning for me and I found myself moving from side splitting laughter to sorrow and grief as I identified with the characters. The play moved in an organic and poetic way without the use of unnecessary effects. The time simply flew by. Bravo!

Nana Simopoulos - Composer, Executive Director - Topia Arts Center

The performance of The AUGUST 9th PROJECT was very powerful and emotional -- something that really keeps the truth alive. I think that piece has the power to change people, and help them see how important it is to be involved to make change, and demand the end of wars. Thank you for putting your energy toward that.

Terri Sues - Artist and Activist

We both loved BLOOD & HONEY. It is one of the best things I have seen. I loved the opening where people are connecting so much more spontaneously and imaginatively than usual. It was just so delightful and fun to watch. When you brought in the pain and the violence, I felt like I had a cushion or a resource. Then at the end when you replayed the scenes from the beginning, but this time with the "normal" interactions, it really brought a lump to my throat as I longed for what could be. It was a brilliant structure. So many people show me the problems either in such an incoherent way that I am overwhelmed or in an angry way which just feels like a retraumatization. Your play, on the other hand, was empowering.

Caryn Heilman - Artistic Director - Topia Arts Center, and LiquidBody: media, movement and dance

I was astounded and utterly engrossed by BLOOD & HONEY. The cast was all first-rate and perfectly believable, so that nothing pulled me out of the moment and I was able to pay attention to the "story" without distraction. There was a great deal of individuality expressed by the performers: their "characters" came through loud and clear, and yet there was also the group cohesion of a "company." I came away feeling I had met some fascinating new people at a cocktail party.
The subject matter was thought provoking and multi-layered. I particularly enjoyed the way that so many topical and timely subjects were built-in to the performance, but in such a subtle way that as a viewer I felt "smart," as if only I were connecting the dots. I was grateful that the performances were not gratuitous or show-offy in any way. You don't have to be a dance expert or the most hip and groovy uptown/downtown in/out art aficionado to enjoy and relate to BLOOD & HONEY. Everyone should see this performance.
There were times that I felt as if I were witnessing a new medium: I couldn't pigeonhole it as merely a "dance" performance that happened to address some serious topics. Nor was it a "theatre" piece that happened to include some nice dancing. It was a wonderful and fresh means of communicating ideas that are floating in the air, but without being preachy or putting words in our heads. "Radical" notions are expressed, but by leading with emotions and body language these ideas hit home in a way that goes beyond words.
As I left the theatre, the after-glow of the performance stayed with me as if I had listened to a beautiful piece of music or gazed at a lovely painting: I wanted to hold onto the feeling.
It is clear that Ms. Mozer has a keen eye for anthropological observation: love, lust, joy, anger, betrayal, deceit and violence are all on display in BLOOD & HONEY. As Ms. Mozer sweeps her binoculars over the tribe of human animals, nothing escapes her view. But it is the honest and non-judgmental view of a Jane Goodall. The whole range of human behavior is there, from our clumsy earth-bound gropings to mammalian mating and pair-bonding behavior to our desperate attempts to flap our wings and achieve spiritual flight.
I will be on the lookout for future offerings from Ms. Mozer and Theatre in the Flesh.

Andrew Messenger - Composer/Cabinet Maker

Thank you very much for performing The AUGUST 9th PROJECT, the dramatic representations of the individual experiences of the Hibakusha and US citizens affected by atomic bomb tests. Your performance was very moving and showed the human side of this important issue. I believe that you inspired people in the audience to work even harder for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

David Mortensen - American Joint Multi-faith Association/People of Peace and Justice.

Mozer's BLOOD & HONEY is a mosaic of lucidly placed images flipping from horror and abandonment one moment to trust and warmth the next. There is a welcome lust about her choices, laying things out on the table so to speak, without censorship. Her moving theatre pieces hold a sense of immediacy - as if all the performers have only minutes to live, seconds to express something vital to them and are determined to tell their stories with the time they have left, no matter how sad, vulgar or beautiful. The message gets across and lingers long after the curtain comes down

Sharon Fogarty - Director, Composer, Choreographer, Playwright

I am pleased to express my whole-hearted thanks for The AUGUST 9th PROJECT. Your dramatic representation of the actual words of some Hibakusha (survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and some US citizens affected by atomic bomb tests in Nevada was startling and deeply moving. The 1/2 hour performance was a vivid illustration of the horror of nuclear weapons.
As the expression goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your presentation left deeply disturbing images seared into the minds of your audience and no doubt inspired them to work harder for the elimination of nuclear weapons. THANK YOU for the insight and sensitivity shown so clearly in your work.

Madelyn Hoffman - Director, NJ Peace Action

Overall, BLOOD & HONEY was very intense, full of feeling and immediate. I was drawn in to the dynamic of each scene by the skill and power of the players themselves. They were beautiful in their movements and in their expression.
I was engaged by the realistic portrayal of relationships - all kinds of them. They were honest, frank, and sometimes expressed the frivolous way that all of us regard others - passing rapidly without any depth of connection. The opening theme of the whirling and falling I related to.
Probably for me the most painful scene was the rape scene. I have never before experienced in theater a woman's response to assault in just this way. It was powerful because it was so true. Who but women would know how deeply felt the shame and anguish of violation?
Not that the production was all about pain by any means. Some of the scenes were delightful in their celebration of human interaction. The children were marvelous! The men were not villains (except in the specific cases) but every bit as vulnerable and human as the women.
It would hardly have had the impact that it did, however, without the energy and life expressed by each one of the beautiful people acting and dancing the parts.
I would like to see it again! And I hope that you will be able to take it on the road!
With much appreciation for and awe of your writing and directing, especially since you were able to present with such depth and feeling some of the many universal dilemmas of simply being human.

Wilma Quantrille - Methodist Minister and Celebrant

So often words get in the way of a theatre production. Not so in Elizabeth Mozer's provocatively clever BLOOD & HONEY. When I wasn't laughing, the scenes in which the characters found themselves moved me to examine the complexities of the human condition. I was inspired, disturbed and changed by what I saw, a worthy goal for the work of any artist. If pathos and humor ring true when they are recognizable, then the quote, "Why tell the truth? Because it's the easiest thing to remember" (and the fastest way to learn about ourselves) applies here. In BLOOD & HONEY, Elizabeth Mozer tells the truth oh, so well and in so doing lends insight into what makes us all tick.

Colton Green - Writer, Teacher


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